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Yep, busted and she'll let the same sentiments out bec it's her way. Too bad, but thee network won't change in my LT?
I used to get so mad when a friend of mined baited me with the phrase twenty years ago. "It's okay, it's the American way, do what you like." Remember this new world (I think it's new) is instant gratification and communication. Letters written, covered wagons, sickness/pestilence has changed today. The precipice has been fallen over! Fun, isn't it? I'm looking for a piece of land, again to sit back and cogitate and collate
Perks, but zero responsibility is his obit/legacy
Do I need to comment? My teachers would fail me if I wrote similarly. Glad the web communication medium can be used.
A lovely idea, I'm going to use this one and if you need credit, I'll put D1982 w/it each time, heehee, hanky!
Ahm just looking for sumone to luuuv! You're no fun. Let the record show that I know more people/heroes (Afghanistan, not to keep mentioning Benghazi, but no one will much any more, have been killed under this president, the SK/CK, than the one before that the lamedia had crucified for just existing as prez. Than Global Warming, GW, cause by man, hu man(s!)
not a dictatorship? gettin' close with some of the shennaigans pulled so far.
Most of mine use 10 rnds.
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