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73 years plus one day and we can't seem to come to grips under the best country to have existed on this Earth to recognized tyranny, yet.
Can anyone spell LBJ?
I just need all those antis to tell us they're sorry for being two-faced aboot them using armed body guards while campaigning against gun-ownership. Holding your breath? Heehee. I used to could do three minutes, when I was fifteen
Guys n goilz in public, cop or not condition white? Not in this LT!
Sorry dither didnt see yours before I axed same.
Ill need more on the free-lance photographer please!
Yep, busted and she'll let the same sentiments out bec it's her way. Too bad, but thee network won't change in my LT?
I used to get so mad when a friend of mined baited me with the phrase twenty years ago. "It's okay, it's the American way, do what you like." Remember this new world (I think it's new) is instant gratification and communication. Letters written, covered wagons, sickness/pestilence has changed today. The precipice has been fallen over! Fun, isn't it? I'm looking for a piece of land, again to sit back and cogitate and collate
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