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The Debates: Factors That Play Into Viewers' Impressions

ggordon Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 4:06 PM
I am really not so worried about that, in this case Romney has pretty much everything working for him, he is objectively a very good looking individual, which one cannot say about Bama (he must be the only person in the world who thinks of himself as eye candy, but then coming from a pathological NPD, not surprising :)... Also, Romney is pretty tall, taller than Bama for sure, and he's got a naturally commanding attitude when he talks... really they can't do anything to make him look either small or unattractive, they just can't...They might try hard to make Obama's jug ears look less protruding, but Romney has nothing to worry about on that front...

This month, the presidential and vice presidential candidates from both parties will face off on the debate stage. Beverly Hallberg--president of Distrcit Media Group, which provides on-camera communication skills--shares with Townhall Magazine which factors play a key role in the impressions viewers take away from debates.


From Townhall Magazine's October column, "The Debates: Image is Everything," by Beverly Hallberg:

In 1990, the multinational corporation Canon Inc. had one of its most successful advertising campaign to date, featuring...

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