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No. You accused me of being a cannibal and child molester and since you are judge, jury, and now executioner, that I should be murdered on the spot. Those were YOUR words. You advocate murdering me or people like me just on mere suspicion or assumption. Now you're trying to rationalize this out of care of the children, because a foreign entity says they don't agree with something. You take that as a green-light to begin the genocide. Many evil men have blazed the trail you now want to go down.
When you threaten to murder me, no. I can't top that. You win, and, I thank you for revealing just how you feel about me(us).
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Even the pretense of tolerance is gone

GGG-Man Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 7:57 PM
You always show up because you're bored and need attention to feel good.
"GGG, I just assume you engage homosexual cannibalism or molest a child so we can we can kill you on the spot............." - DHulme There you have it. Kill me, and the other gays. The real reason to oppose marriage equality: the gays need be murdered. Thanks DHulme!
You'd love to kill not only me, but all the other gays too. Mark my word, when the violence begins it will be by people such as DHulme. We'll be watching you...and your threats!
- clap clap clap .... clap - You have a new talking point instead of the same cut-and-paste you've been posting for months.
Michael, Pastor Charles Worley believes that all gays should be rounded up and placed into a camp where we're all supposed to die. This was in a sermon he gave, and to which, the congregation roared in approval. I think you are trying to be sincere, but you are suspect when you claim we're all evil people. It's hard to deal with someone who deals in absolutes, especially, when the air of the jackboot is about.
There we the deep end. So, when do you or someone show up to deal with us evil people?
No offense, but what it sounds like you are saying is, heterosexuals are superior to homosexuals. Therefore, the privileged position heterosexuals have would be threatened, and this cannot come to pass. If that's what you're saying, it sounds an awful lot like a WASPY country club that refuses to admit women or non-whites, lest the "special nature" be declared ordinary...
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