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What Is “News”?

GGatty Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 1:23 PM
And the conscious decision to NOT have any oversight on these death mills is just one more facet of what makes this so abominable. Given the nanny state mentality seen in so many other aspects of medicine and life in general these days, it's hard to view the Left's behavior with regard to both the very young an the very old as anything other than a eugenics-driven agenda.

When the massacre in Newtown occurred, it received wall-to-wall coverage, as well it should have. We’d never seen anything like this before – a mentally ill gunman shooting tiny children and their teachers in an elementary school. It shocked the senses and dominated the national conversation – as well it should have.

And aside from opportunistic leftists, such as Michael Moore and Piers Morgan, the original coverage leaned toward what caused the murderer to act and how such mental illness might be addressed in the future. But just as a serious and productive conversation was beginning, the political agenda of...