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It's not the gender, it's the ideology. The mindset that attempts to minimize the need for the military has the same approach to protection in general. The persistent assertion that peace can be reached without having the strength to back yourself militarily and the moral equivalence and multiculturalism that is woven throughout the mindset of the modern Left results in a determined ignorance towards the realities of life. Remember the 2009 party crashers, the Salahi's? The response of the White House at large, including the Secret Service spoke volumes about that mindset.
Exactly! What do the words "I take full responsibility" even mean these days? Will her taking 'full responsibility' have any impact on her career? Doubtful. Will she step down as Secret Service director? Unlikely. Will she face charges of criminal neglect or some such? Again, unlikely. That phrase has become no more meaningful than the so-called apologies one hears these days.
While this is clearly an example of Davis being out of her depth in the political arena, I wish the writers at TH could find it in themselves to avoid hyperbolic language. This is no more a temper tantrum than it is a "meltdown", as described by Greg Abbott's Youtube title. Apparently, neither Greg or Cortney have ever observed 2-year-olds for any length of time. To label it a temper tantrum simply be able to ask "If Davis can't control her temper, how will she control one of the largest states in the nation?" is not the caliber of writing I expect from TH. There is enough evidence of Davis' lack of ability to head the state of Texas without having to stoop to fabrication and straw man arguments. In doing so, the writer lowers herself to the level of the numerous left-leaning hacks we deplore.
Why? It sounds like an eminently plausible story. Although certain bases may have armed fighter jets sitting ready to go, I doubt that's the case in most domestic locations. What other choice would they have in response to flight 93, given that by then they knew it had been hijacked by the same group? At the time, I can't see any reason for them to have downplayed the sacrifice made by the passengers just to say that they had a plan being executed.
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Cheap Politicians

GGatty Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 12:14 AM
I'm all for a pay raise... If they earn it. Government jobs are one of the bastions of those who seem to get paid no matter how badly they do their job. In the private sector, there's at least a chance of someone getting fired if they can't fulfill their duties. I've yet to see that at any level of government.
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Saving Private Bryan

GGatty Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 2:02 PM
Sadly, if the Board of Trustees continues to back Livesay, then Livesay's continued employment is a symptom of a bigger problem, rather than the problem itself.
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Suicide By Stupidity

GGatty Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 3:15 PM
First: Unfortunately, while there is plenty of information pointing to the *possibility* of Obama's knowledge and complicity of any impeachable offenses, there is yet any proof. The actions of the DOJ, the IRS and other departments indicate that many of the departments tied to the Executive branch would actively serve as roadblocks to any investigatory attempts by Congress. Further, the removal of Obama from office leaves us with Biden as the head of state and commander in chief. Not a likely or likable scenario. Second: As currently comprised, the Republican party doesn't show much to distinguish themselves from the Democrats. I think you have the dynamic backwards; the voters need to galvanize their elected officials. The only way to do that is at the ballot box. As long as the same-old-same-old keep getting elected, we will see same-old-same-old legislative actions As to your third point: If the actions seen in both parties to this point have not alerted the American voter to the party-first mentality of the majority of elected officials, nothing else will.
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The Armpit of Academia

GGatty Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 1:38 AM
Apparently Professor Fahs has no knowledge of life outside of the US. There are plenty of women in other countries who don't feel the need to shave. As for Ms. Solanas: Andy Warhol is not the first person that comes to mind if I'm looking for someone who exemplifies the male of the species.
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First lady bucks GOP on school lunch rules

GGatty Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 8:41 PM
Not true. At least not any more. There's money in them there lunches... The more lunches a school sells, the more federal dollars pour into their coffers. As such, the educational bureaucracy at virtually every level from state to municipality 'encourage' the schools to claim more and more students need these subsidized lunch programs.
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America's Birthday

GGatty Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 11:20 PM
They don't even have to do that. Any effort to legitimize the presence of illegal aliens in our country on a permanent basis will result in a lawsuit regarding 2nd class citizens. We'll be regaled with tales of how these fine upstanding citizens are the "new slaves" of the country.
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