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I have three Hi-Powers including one made in Canada and they are wonderful exemplars of firearms history. . But Single-Action Only and 9mm are inadequate for a modern pistol.
Except for Islam, and the Church of Global Warming.
300 kids in an auditorium watching a Teaching Assistant work their way through a problem set isn't helping anyone.
MIT posts ALL of it's classes online for free.
Every year that a younger person is on the dole, the more likely they will tilt towards the party that promises to keep refilling their EBT card.
If they DID get it, would they tell you?
Neither one is on the ballot this year..
That's an interesting assertion. Why would they do that?
I disagree, MS-NBC will be filled with wailing and gnashing of teeth on election night. I will watch them in order to store up large amounts of "shadenfreude", for the two remaining years of the obama debacle..
I don't think that the Founding Fathers could possibly have anticipated that something like the internet would ever come to be. They were a bunch of uneducated rural rednecks who couldn't possibly understand the complexity of modern society. . So we need to do away with the first amendment because it allows right-wingers and Fox news to say mean things about President Obama.
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