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No he didn't. Did your mother tell you to wipe your a$$? Probably not...
I'm afraid I have no choice but to agree with Carol. Facts show you are a POS.
Except it's not. You're wrong.
Place a picture of Malcolm X right next to a picture of Obama. University of Washington records place Stanley Ann Dunham in Washington State in Aug 1961. Malcolm X started the Nation of Islam Temple #67 in Seattle in 1960. Stanley Dunham sure had a thing for black Marxist agitators.
In a lot of cases it's not their fault. They have been indoctrinated since birth by liberal media, liberal teachers unions, and liberal parents who should know better. They have been brainwashed to the point where they cannot even begin to objectively look at their own beliefs. And, they want to be popular and get along with their liberal friends, so they never rock the boat. Some are evil, no doubt, and some do want to destroy the U.S. But I suspect most are just deeply disinformed.
That's not a First Lady; that's a pony.
You have not clue one about debating. Maybe you don't realize it, but you continually embarrass yourself. I guess when you're a liberal, self-respect isn't an option anyway...
No. Actually, "us guys" despise hypocritical Hollywood effete snobs who talk trash about America while simultaneously raking in mega-bucks and hanging around with socialists like Hugo Chavez. And snotty, ugly washed-up hag actresses like Susan Sarandon who don't even have room temperature IQ but go around shooting off their diseased mouths with their blathering, worthless opinions. At least Clint Eastwood knows a bit of what he's talking about - been there, done that. And never failed at anything. Unlike your butt-buddy Obama, who is a 100% failure in everything he does.
It was not a "rip off," it was an homage, done out of respect by Sergio Leone who was a huge fan of Kurosawa.
Referencing Wikipedia is not a valid means of making a point. Not that your point makes any sense to begin with.
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