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"The company announced the declining economy and rising production costs as contributing to the decision; however, the encroaching implementation of the Affordable Care Act was the tipping point." -- The 'recovery' had them on the ropes; Obamacare just delivered the knockout punch.
Name one federal entitlement that's been repealed once it got rolling. When Obamacare goes off the rails (actually it's already begun doing so) (1) Republicans will be blamed -- see MSNBC -- and (2) nobody will care whose fault it was, they'll just vote for whoever promises to fix it. Cruz, Lee and the House tried to stop this train before it got to the canyon (sorry, I'm running with the metaphor) but now that it's gone over the edge, nothing's going to stop it but the bottom. http://bit.ly/1gsJSSt
Magog's evil twin.
Weaver first came to the attention of ATF during the Reagan administration (1986) but let's remember that Bureaus (FBI, ATF, etc.) aren't simply restaffed after each election -- bad apples can spend a long time in the barrel. The real problem, though, goes much deeper and much farther back, to the early 1900s and the development, particularly under the Progressive Movement, of Federal regulation and control of items which had, for the first century and a quarter of U.S. history (though not elsewhere), been freely produced and traded in this country.
"dipping into" ?!? Horrors! Kids should eat their raw broccoli au naturel, never with dressings or dips!
Kids' metabolisms don't function well on two meals a day, and for the athletes in the story the situation is even worse. There have been more than a few schools which have taken home-packed lunches away from students, and undoubtedly some which have banned them, over "nutritional concerns." If parents are *required* to surrender their kids to the federal school-lunch program then neither the children nor the parents have much say in the outcome.
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