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The Journolist's Pimps with Limps

gfafblifr Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 5:56 AM
What Journolist members think they are doing is good for the country. Of course, I beg to differ. What is good for the country is an unbiased media who tells the truth. It disappeared the day Cronkite declared the war in vietnam was lost.

Dear Media Mavens: Watching you folks hyperventilate over a months-old, pirated video of a campaign fundraiser got me wondering: Who decides what news gets the gang-bang-everyone-come-join-the-dog-pile-of-ridicule treatment? Is there, like a conference call, or secret email list? Because, man, you’re missing some big opportunities.
Just yesterday, our big-stick president said—to a comedian, appropriately—“The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe.” Now, that is comedy gold!
Our commander in chief is telegraphing critical policy and diplomatic overtures on a late night talk...