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This is nothing more than red meat to stoke the fires of the revenge mongers. There is no end game, only a continued effort to humiliate anyone who disagrees with them.
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America — Imagine the World Without Her

gf3 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 7:01 PM
Saw it on Saturday and loved it. I also recommend that others see it.
The Republican Party provides Obama with plenty of eunuchs
There you have it; the reason why this crises was manufactured. Create a humanitarian crises, then resolve it by decree. Well played. Once the leftist have surrendered all of their freedom to the government, I wonder how they are going to react when someone else gets into power, with policies contrary to their cherished beliefs.
I’m a woman who’s a bore; I’ve got whiskers and I snore; And I lie too much, then go back an' pretend; 'cause I’m rightful heir that’s sure; And I deserve to be adored; No one's ever gonna shut me out again CHORUS: Oh yes I hate guys; and that Bill has been a pain; Yes, he’ll pay the price; Look how much weight I’ve gained; If I have to, I WILL do anything; Here I belong (belong); I’m unaccountable (unaccountable); I’m alpha woman We twist truth to remake me; as we try to recreate me; I’m determined to possess total control; Re-packaged to look effective; though my resume defective; ‘cause the press will obfuscate the lies I’ve told CHORUS I’m alpha woman watch me close; See me dispose of my foes; And I’ve learned to use the courts to force my will; But you ain’t seen nothing yet; My blacklist I’m going to vet; Until I’ve purged all freedom from this land CHORUS
Someone should do a study on why liberal women are so unattractive. Could it be that attractive women have a purpose in life, and unattractive women work for the government?
Most voting liberals do not read TH, and they have been engineered to disdain Fox. They get their politics only from the likes of John Stewart, CNN, ABC, NBC, and such. I have no doubt that there are a sufficient number of liberal voters (dead and alive) to elect whatever candidate the MSM promotes, regardless how bad he or she is. I am surprised how many commenters on TH truly think that Hillary does not have a chance of becoming president.
I have no confidence that 51% of the voters, or the MSM, is going to allow a detour from our current path to destruction. The indoctrination of our nation's youth, and the creation of a permanent class of government dependents, has been very successful. Logic has nothing to do with anything.
I agree! Seems like someone made a deal with the devil.
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When Is A Scandal Not A Scandal?

gf3 Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 8:22 PM
What is truly amazing is how impotent everyone is at stopping the Obama administration. It's as if he made a deal with the devil.
The press is a willing party to Obama's diversion tactics against real issues.
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