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News to me - I'm rascist. Thanks Michael, I'm "rascist" towards over-bloated, hypocritical, overpaid wretches like yourself. Mind your own business.
I think Obama is actually satisfied with failure, and the results of the election show the population centers accept and embrace failure.
"Never let a tragedy to to waste" White house circa 2008.
Whe need to make sure everyone knows the mass murderers are cowards who target places they think are defenseless.
Pelosi has no idea what a "storm" confiscation would bring. Then again, where would she find enough people with a death wish and disdain of the Constitution at the same time to go door to door.
I think I remember him touting he wouldn't let anyone take his Beretta (shotgun) and Pelosi was dumbfounded (as usual). They are still using the "never let a disaster to to waste..." This could get very interesting.
I would've loved to take one of those bullets just to see if I could've hit him with one of the 15 .45 rounds I carry everyday - anywhere. These cowards need to know some people other than law enforcement are ready and able to confront their evil intentions.
Liberals just can't understand bad people will always be able to obtain weapons and they usually pick the "soft" target - it shows just how cowardly and selfish these murderers are. If someone armed was at that school and put the shooter down before he could do much damage, the press would be vilifying them instead of celebrating heroism.
I'm not in a union, yet I have a job I've chosen, pay my mortgage, my credit card balance each month, and am fine with $50K per year. Unions were the main reason the steel business in PA fizzled and the auto industry just about failed. You can't bleed a corporation while you're working and then also after you retire. History is 20/20.
Ignorant comment! They're human beings just as we are. I wish those jobs were here, but they're not. Unions don't have a big footprint in my state, yet we have a low unemployment rate and a better than average economy. Look at the states that have had strong unions - circling the drain.
Modern day unions have many of the same attributes as organized crime and the mafia - fear, extortion, threat, etc. Modern day organized crime - and it's "legal"!
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