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Rand Paul: “The Threshold For War Should be a Significant One”

get real4 Wrote: Sep 11, 2013 12:01 PM
I am opposed to any involvement in the Syria civil war as I think it is a lose-lose for us no matter who wins the civil war. That is why we needed to stay completely out of it. This whole mess is Obama's fault for trying to talk tough with his red line comments. Then his utter incompetence has been on display ever since Aug. 21. It makes no sense to argue that Assad is like Hitler, that it is imperative that we act to save the innocent children, that he has the authority to act without congressional approval, that this will be smaller than our intervention in Libya which did not have congressional approval, but despite all that, he is asking for Congress's approval first just to be nice to Congress and now asking them to delay a vote while he explores diplomatic measures which he neglected to explore before asserting we had to strike. He sets up how crucial this is only to turn around and say that it can be put on hold. It is pathetic and he looks like a wimp.