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Here We Go: Diane Feinstein to Introduce Legislation to Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons

Gerry23 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 2:43 PM
The Right wing is insane. More guns for everyone, all the time, for anybody, anywhere, with no limits on lethality. Good for you right wing folks. The blood of children and thousands of others is on your hands. Your guns are your religion, your idols, your false sense of security and objects to compensate for your cowardice, paranoia, and profound stupidity. In spite of this dysfunction and stupidity, laws will be passed concerning access to assault weapons. Several Republicans are smelling the coffee, again in spite of the stupid wing nuts trying to pressure them otherwise

When Congress is back in session in January, California Democrat Diane Feinstein plans to introduce legislation to ban the import, export, manufacturing, sale and transfer of what she calls "assault weapons." Feinstein didn't get into specific detail about what weapons would be affected, after all the term "assault" is a political one and the proper name for the guns Feinstein is trying to ban is "semi-automatic," which can include both handguns and rifles. Feinstein told NBC's David Gregory yesterday that ammunition clips holding more than 10 bullets would be banned should her bill become law.

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