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The sad thing is that many of our young people get all of their political news from shows like Fallon's. I wonder how many presidential elections were determined by the huge bias pumped out by these talk shows. The only way you can get balanced information is by searching out unprejudiced reporting.
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The Wisdom of Peace Through Strength

Geronimo 909 Wrote: Dec 31, 2014 12:50 AM
You hit this one out of the park. Teddy Roosevelt said it succinctly: "Walk softly and carry a big stick". Kindness is perceived as weakness. We can achieve the greatest good by exhibiting strength.
John, You hit the nail on the head by blaming our culture and the distortions foisted on us and our children. Think about it: It is "cool" to believe in vampires, witches and wicken but very uncool to believe in God, Christ or conventional religion. In TV programs and movies geared to teens and young adults, priests, nuns, ministers and rabbis are always portrayed as sinister people or idiots. That is the message our culture is sending to our children. However, it is essential as parents that we give a strong foundation to our children on knowing what is right and wrong so that they can realize that these messages are fantasy and should be taken as only fantasy.
I work a half block from an abortion clinic. It has been there for decades. I actually have to stop in front of their entrance every day because of a stop sign. I have seen the prayer vigils and the participants. They stand out there during the worst of the Chicago weather and pray in the most peaceful way. Mostly elderly women but some young women and men too. I have never seen them get rowdy or aggressive. I have never seen any altercations whatsoever and never seen the police called for a disturbance. I suspect Cosmo had to do some deep digging to come up with these 6 stories.
What most liberals do not seem to understand is that in the Middle East culture, words are only words and actions are the only things that mean anything. They lie all the time and they cannot be insulted with words, only actions. Bush's comments meant nothing to them only to the liberals that were offended by them. They claim that Islam is a religion of peace but their actions contradict this statement. Pay attention to their actions only and distrust all of their words.
You missed the point of this article. The people filing suit are stay at home caretakers, most likely relatives receiving nominal state aid. The person that filed this was a mother taking care of her severely disabled adult son and she only gets $1,100 per month from the state as a subsidy to help her in staying home and caring for him. The state is saving thousands a month versus paying to have him a state institution. By the way, the union tried to organize these people with an election and lost but then the governor stepped in by executive order to force them to pay the union dues.
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Minimum Wage Hammers Youth

Geronimo 909 Wrote: Dec 18, 2013 3:11 PM
Eliminate the minimum wage altogether. It is a constrictor to the workplace. Let the market determine the proper wage and there will be a large increase in jobs, especially part time work that is ideal for teenagers. These will be jobs that do not exist right now because the current minimum wage is too high. If a head of household can only qualify for a low paying job, we should help them with social programs designed for the specific for their situation, such as food stamps.
Vincent, In your explanation of the circumstances you forgot to tell how Unite Here mentioned to Mulhall that they were "very well known in the neighborhood" and that Mulhall should check around and find out how "well known" they are....Oh, wait that was a scene from "The Godfather" and it never happened here. ;)
They need to sue the government now for imposing an illegal "tax" on them. Then they can push the suit all the way to the supreme court and Chief Justice Roberts can do a tap dance around why it was a tax before but it is not a tax now. We can all have a great laugh watching the MSM con-volute the facts to turn the Catholic Church into a hate mongering obstructionist who wants to murder little children and single mothers by not providing them with insurance that requires the payment for birth control and abortifacients.
He learned a "new word", gerrymander, but he hasn't quite figured out how it works because it is conservative voodoo or something.
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