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Entitlement Transfers Have Increased 727% in Last 50 Years

germeten Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 11:07 AM
Americans are just as entitled to currency as banks who do nothing to deserve it, but who steal trillions more than the food stamp crowd. See: ...Entitled to enough to survive, given how US capitalists-turned-communists, exported our industrial base to Red China, subsidized by Uncle Sam. See: being made homeless and starving a justification for applying for govt. benefits? You bet.

As we all know entitlement reform is a big topic of conversation for this upcoming election. Will the Romney/Ryan plan break down Medicare? Will President Obama continue the constantly growing entitlement program?

In a new analysis from The Wall Street Journal we see that entitlement programs have grown at an average rate of 4% each year since 1960.

The growth of entitlement payments over the past half-century has been breathtaking. In 1960, U.S. government transfers to individuals totaled about $24 billion in current dollars, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. By 2010 that total was almost 100 times...