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Name calling is the last resort of those without substance to their argument. you address no part of the substance of the argument, that Krauthammer a staunch supporter of all Israel behaviors i.e. a voice for the Israel Lobby. That he would go to great lengths to justify whatever egregious misbehavior the IDF commits, and he would. That he has no empathy for the plight of the Palestinians, which he doesn't. That the 7 year old blockade is illegal, which it is. So hurl your invective name calling and avoid the scrutiny of advancing a rational argument. Yelling loudly and name calling does not substantiate a weak argument.
Find fault with the arguement instead of name calling. Raise the content of your reasoning not the volume of your voice.
On Middle East matters Charles Krauthammer is a staunch Israeli defender, he’d rationalize genocide on Israel’s behalf. He won’t gain any real credibility until he expresses some compassion or empathy for the plight of the Palestinians and the cruel injustices they suffer at the hands of the Israelis. He’s disingenuous and makes false straw men by saying Gaza is not occupied, what a specious argument. In a very narrow literal sense part of what he says is true, but he knows full well that the Israelis have blockaded the Gaza, illegally, for the last the last 7+ years, that’s hardly free, nor would most say unoccupied. The Gazans are as free as the prisoners in a well policed jail. Krauthammer is an articulate mouthpiece, useful to the Israeli Lobby for his willingness to always promote Jewish / Israeli propaganda.
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Christie, Hillary and Obama

Gerhart Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 2:32 PM
Dr. Sowell is well on point with his comparative analysis between the over the top disproportionate media coverage and fixation over a traffic jam, in comparison to the media’s refusal to hold the Obama administration accountable in any meaningful way over Fast and Furious, the administrations complete mishandling of the Benghazi debacle, the IRS political focus on conservative groups while giving a pass to democratically aligned political groups and the pervasive incompetence demonstrated on the part of the entire Obama administration as it endeavors to ramrod the Unaffordable Health Care Act down the throats of the America people, is particularily astute.
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