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(Going) Forward

gerald280 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 12:32 PM
They didn't win , they lost just like the rest of us. They are just too stupid to realize it. The only one that won was obo and his soialistic agenda. Some on the left will regret their judgement when they start seeing their rights disappear and taxes going through the roof. Just because they voted for him will not make them immune to the travesty that's coming our way.

I’m not much of a whiner, nor am I someone who makes predictions. I’d hoped for a Romney victory, though more for an Obama defeat. But that, when you think about it, was the problem. While there’s no doubt Romney would’ve been a much better President than the current occupant of that office, when people are presented with a choice between the vague they know and a vague they don’t know, they will pick what they know.

Romney offered a vision of American that was different, but didn’t spend a lot of time explaining how it would get to...