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There Will Never Be Another Mayo Clinic

Gerald246 Wrote: May 22, 2012 6:16 AM
You are right with all the extra hospitals charge they are the ones makeing the big buck. 20 dollar asprins. that arent given some times if records where really checked
unions are like the mafia and are mafia run. But you couls say they are like the goverment the workers pay there union god there cut of what they make and the union makes them think it for there own good. Yep sounds like liberals to me. At one time there was a need for it kind of. But when the workers think they need to be paid most of the profit it time for unions to go. Most ppl that work for a company dont know all the cost that goes into haveing a company and what it takes to pay goverment reglations . That cost can make prices rise a lot. Unions are for the unions not the workers but union sheep still follow ,sounds like lot ppl in the gop 3rd party time to save the country
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California’s Train to Nowhere

Gerald246 Wrote: May 20, 2012 5:44 AM
Rules and regulation will strangel anything and cal does have a LOT they do keep going but for how long till they have to change. But i guess they plan to responsible states to pull them out not careing if they put those states in harm. Maybe the best thing for cal is the BIG earthquake
And thats why i am voteing 3rd party again. The gop dont want to win this election are they wouldnt have put romney up. They didnt want to win the last win they put Mc cain up. We need a REAL conservative 3rd party. This would have been a great yr to win , but no the gop wanted romney so we lose again
lets see obambo is for the fagets and romney just supports them are did but not now. It sure is easy for them to lie. Where is a good conservative 3rd party both of the ones we have running are the same No thanks
It doesnt matter the gop dont want to win are they wouldnt have put up a mod like romney. both romney and obambo are the same they just lie are have there pac lie for them then do as they please. both want health care romney passed gun laws obambo wants our guns They look the same to me
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Dr. Doom Says Market Crash Imminent

Gerald246 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 5:14 AM
I the US went into decline with obambos leardership are lack of wouldnt that cause China to be more into recline also. If we cant pay them some on the interest
Why should they worry any cost to them gets passed on to us and with who the gop put up we aregoing to have obambo for 4 more yrs. The fight will be to get conservatives in congress and the senate that will help us and not the mods and libs. But i am sure we are going to have higher taxes soon after the election
Being romney is no way a consrvative I cant vote for him. romney and obambo both have healthcare romney has his gun laws both lie really good it looks like with so many ppl beleaveing him. romney was the first off my list to vote for and he want go back on it. I am forced to vote 3rd party again and we will be stuck with obambo for 4 more. But the gop didnt want to win are they wouldnt have pushed romney down yalls throat
You are right with romney we lost the pres. and need to start working on conservative congress and senate
When the Tea Party sent out Questionares romney refused to sign it . romney isnt even close to being a conservative and want get my vote even if he cons women. romnay care obambocare, romney gun laws NO vote for romney from me. Since the gop dont want to win again this term we will be stuck with obambo unless enough of us vote for the same 3rd party canidate ..So with obambo being pres. we are going to have to put strong conservative in the senate and congress to try to stop obambo
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