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Silent Scream

Gerald230 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 4:35 PM
Jack*** is a jacka$$. Romney doesn't despise anyone. His 47% remark simply stated a fact. The people who pay no taxes and live on handouts will not vote for a conservative and Romney understands that fact. Romney will maintain the "safety net" and will attempt to help those people to gain dignity of independence and responsibility so they get into the middle class. Obama is simply buying their votes and really doesn't want his flock to become independent because they might not vote for him.

This is not about the 1960’s book Silent Spring, written by the environmentalist Rachael Carson.  It is about the 1960’s people who read the book and who fought against the pesticides released in the environment about which Carson  wrote.  Now known as the Baby Boomers, they went on to fight against civil rights injustice and fight against the Viet Nam war.  

It is about a group of people who read Hegel and Marx.  

They were misguided but willing, in their youthful idealism, to stand up and protest the perceived wrongs they saw occurring in their country and...