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Flaming Liberal did not read Prager's recent book and doesn't understand, as explained by Prager, how Liberalism is immoral. Although it is complicated to explain why Liberals, although well meaning, don't understand how they have been mislead by others who also don't understand why liberalism is destructive to the human character. Flamming should study Prager's book and then enter the discussion. and Prager explains how Liberalism has distorted everything. If
Most of the comments to this Greenspan nterview seem to be by people who cannot understand complex financial English. Greenspan was clear that in his opinion the data shows that the nation as a whole is avoiding investments in long term assets of any nature both by business and private investors. He also added that the data shows that Fed policies have NOT resulted in increase in loans for long term investments by the banks. He also implied that the Obama Administrative policy was not helping either, although he avoided using word Obama.
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The Arms Race that Won't Happen

Gerald230 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 1:08 AM
Chapman is completely off base. He is comparing Iran to other states--a very poor comparison. Further the likely users of the Iranian nuke are their non-state puppets. Have he had his head in the sand! Wars between Islamic factions and nations are almost everyday events--they have little value for life of anyone not of their faction. Why would any faction hesitate to use the bomb--when all their robots are ready for their rewards in heaven??
Be real. Unions had a place and still do where ever the School Board doesn't have the smarts to have hired teachers who have the right set of values. I cannot state in a few words what are the right set of values, but it is pretty conservative while appreciating teaching our children to respect hard work and education is job number 1.
From the start, O made it clear that he was the "MAN" with Healthcare priority #1 instead of jobs. Next, he explained didn't need to communicate with GOP. Then he showed he was anti-everything conservative--Constitution, budget, fossil fuel, jobs. Even a dog is afraid to cooperate with a bully.
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Immoral Beyond Redemption

Gerald230 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 1:58 PM
Suppose the majority of voters agrees to imprison all flamingliberalmulticulturists tomorrow because they are bad for society. You agree that is OK? The Constitution's Bill of Rights protect the FLM from the majority vote. The FLM, like most liberals, don't understand why we have and need a Bill of Rights.
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Free Our Kids From Arne Duncan

Gerald230 Wrote: May 14, 2012 8:01 PM
I know Aura has no children by her answer. Most racial minority kids in big cities whose parents have some wisdom fight for the chance for their children to attend religious schools.
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Obama's Soros-Controlled Energy Council

Gerald230 Wrote: May 11, 2012 1:52 PM
Blackwell fails to appreciate National Security issue. The Natural Gas Act does have subsidies for big trucks switching to Natural Gas and for stations to provide the Fuel across the nation. The reason most conservatives have been endorsing this "social engineering --picking" is because it will start the Natural Gas in transportation rolling and this will greatly reduce our nation's expenditures on OPEC oil. Big businesses knows that Obama is blocking NG and they feared making investments in the field because Obama couldn't be trusted. For example, Obama and communist friends have been filling the media with the antifracking crap. Ok to reduce the subsidy , but critical to ASAP get NG moving into big trucks.
Limbaugh is being an ideolog. Romney needs to use common sense, as he has been doing. If there are large groups like young people who can be fooled by Obama's promises, Romney should not voice the more hard line conservative message if it would mean Romney would lose all their votes. The Conservatives need to be both principled and reasonable. He has proven he is a true conservative, mostly by the way he has conducted his life and in other ways as well. The conservatives need to accept him and vote for him even if he has to speak more center right than they would like. If conservatives cannot accept reality, we run the risk of losing to the Communist liars.
All honest citizens who understand politics realize how the main street media have become communist nanny state mouth pieces. Every conservative person and every conservative business should boycott these businesses and everyone who advertises with them. MSNBC, CBS, ABC and CNN. There are a few so called "journalists" and if they want to keep working they will need to abandon these communist organizations.
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Evangelicals Will Rally for Romney

Gerald230 Wrote: May 10, 2012 11:26 PM
We cannot waste a single vote. Keep track of the poles--election will be very close. Obama has bought every vote and his buying hasn't stopped. He still has more young students to reward with a waiver on repaying their loans. And he has more Mexican votes to buy with more rebates for their 20 children in mexico. And he just bought the gays and lesbians. And he has 99% of the black vote, with Acorns help even all the black dead vote. No matter that his progressives continue to destroyed their their dignity. The Jewish voters are split because they do good folks can't believe that such a good BS artist is a liar, even though he's a Muslims. He still has more to give the unions --if you're in the right union.
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