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This DOJ Office of Civil Rights action is straight out the COMMUNIST PLAYBOOK. Any one who is sympathetic to a religion is a threat to the Commi need to control the stupid robots. USE this. They hate to be called Communists. Old Pro.
Folks, don't forget Obama's Attorney General filed suits against every state that had laws that required a voter to have proper identification. MOST OF THE JUDGES refused to uphold the requirement for voter identification. Absolutely sickening.
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The Republicans' Primary Problem

Gerald230 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 1:32 PM
The GOP can not win the majority votes of any minorities groups, unions, gays, teachers, or hispanics. The women were the only group that the GOP lost that they could have won. They lost the women's vote because the majority of women cannot agree to bear the child of their rapist. The religious extremists cannot give up this anti-choice abortion posture and the GOP will lose the women again.
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The Obama Inaugural Address

Gerald230 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 1:26 AM
Dennis is a true philosopher. Read his books and you will be able to understand where he is coming from when he is critical. His concepts fit together and he is consistent.
The communists also cannot compromise. The Swiss have a 5 party system with the religious on on far right party and the communist on the far left. The three central parties negotiate and come ups with a plank that most people approve and they get get to set polich. The other parties also ge to express their views at the highest legislative law making congress. The Swiss is the only system that will work to give the social conservatives a say but protect the balance of the fiscal conservatives..
Dennis is correct in dividing conservatives into two camps. However, he fails to appreciate that the problem is that the SOCIAL conservatism has no definition. We lost the last election primarily because the most committed social conservatives have faith in the truth of beliefs taught by their clergy, i.e. abortion is murder. Clearly this strong belief of a minority of females turned the vast majority of women against the GOP on the fear that they would be forced to bear the child of their rapist. All the faith held beliefs split the social conservatives and doom the GOP. The Swiss recognize that the two party system is doomed as long as the religious are in one of the parties. People having faith held beliefs cannot compromise.
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The Israeli Periphery

Gerald230 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 4:01 PM
Why can't comments be restricted to the Friedman article? 90% of comments are complaints from liberals about conservatives.
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Silent Scream

Gerald230 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 4:35 PM
Jack*** is a jacka$$. Romney doesn't despise anyone. His 47% remark simply stated a fact. The people who pay no taxes and live on handouts will not vote for a conservative and Romney understands that fact. Romney will maintain the "safety net" and will attempt to help those people to gain dignity of independence and responsibility so they get into the middle class. Obama is simply buying their votes and really doesn't want his flock to become independent because they might not vote for him.
I am a 77 year old student with a BSEE and JD. The best book I ever read that explains the World and Political Science is Prager's last book. Please read it. It will change you to a Conservative/ Independent.
Flaming Liberal did not read Prager's recent book and doesn't understand, as explained by Prager, how Liberalism is immoral. Although it is complicated to explain why Liberals, although well meaning, don't understand how they have been mislead by others who also don't understand why liberalism is destructive to the human character. Flamming should study Prager's book and then enter the discussion. and Prager explains how Liberalism has distorted everything. If
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