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Ultimate Occupy Movement

geral2 Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 11:38 AM Proof Chancellor of UT aware of criminal assaults onm my person; court documents on Alonzo Yanez (fbi operative): Fraudulent 'BOLO'(Be On Look Out) issued by UT Police; falsification of the contents of the fraudulent police report; Texas Ag and DA refuse to investigate public corruption: Related:

As I have said repeatedly, Greece is nothing but a sideshow, with the election last Sunday in France far more important than the election in Greece that has had everyone's attention.

For further discussion, please see Greek Election Sideshow; Socialists Win Absolute Majority in France; How Long Will the Bond Market Celebrate Another Glorious Can-Kicking Exercise?

Today I want to expand on that topic with the idea that Spain is a sideshow to Italy.

Rise of the Five Star Movement

Reader Andrea who is from Italy but now resides in France writes ...

Hello Mish.

As I told you some days ago, in Italy...
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