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Risky Business

GER-76 Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 5:54 PM
You are so correct. Obama and his Democrat friends would like to raise services for some by reducing them for others. I pay double for my Medicare and now my supplemental insurance premium is going up significantly. This is wrong. Those of us who saved and planned are paying for a lot of people who didn't do much of anything.

Insurance is all about risk. Yet neither insurance companies nor their policy-holders can do anything about one of the biggest risks -- namely, interference by politicians, to turn insurance into something other than a device to deal with risk.

By passing laws to force insurance companies to cover things that have nothing to do with risk, politicians force up the cost of insurance.

Annual checkups, for example, are known in advance to take place once a year. Foreseeable events are not a risk. Annual checkups are no cheaper when they are covered by an insurance policy. On...