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Duped by Congressional Lies

gepaza Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 9:46 AM
You wrote "The money was wrested from us by government force and we paid it in with the promise we would get it back." Well, according to what the good Dr, is telling us in this article, we should amend your statement to read "... we paid it in with the appearance of a promise that we would get it back." We should march on Washington and tar and feather every politician, lobbyist and media member up there! Send them all home to clean themselves up while we start all over. The first order of business? Pull out the unadulterated constitution and governing in accordance with it!
Frank275 Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 10:37 AM
You are correct in that we must get back to the original Constitution and read it as the founders intended. Publius Huldah, a Constitutional expert, has written a great paper on Congress’s enumerated powers. There is only about 21 listed in the Constitution. See for yourself here.

Some of the responses to my column last week, titled "Immoral Beyond Redemption," prove that Americans have been hoodwinked by Congress. Some readers protested my counting Social Security among government handout programs that can be described as Congress' taking what belongs to one American and giving to another, to whom it doesn't belong -- legalized theft. They argued that they worked for 45 years and paid into Social Security and that the money they now receive is theirs. These people have been duped and shouldn't be held totally accountable for such a belief. Let's look at it.

The Social Security pamphlet...