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You obviously got too much sugar in yours when younger. Your brain is obviously only good for propaganda.
Is it not clear to everyone that this VA fiasco was just a test run for the Death Panels, which loom ever larger for the general populace? Sarah's prediction has come to pass!
Well, all those bureaucrats will just be re-classified from Clerk, Basic to Doctor, Basic and will hire out to Obama's Green donors (formerly in the alternative energy fields) who will all get the contracts to provide the services.
The list of people who could potentially cause me to have even an iota of sympathy for HC is very short. Scummy Rove is a charter member of that list!
Yep, starting with four guys on an urgent call in Benghazi! Oh, wait! It's too late for them, isn't it? Oh, well, what difference does it make at this point, anyway?
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