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Barack Obama and the Politcs of Character Assassination

geotay Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 10:42 PM
You make the cut-and-paste trolls look like rational people by comparison. They don't even know what they are posting. You, on the other hand, presumably, actually composed the blatant, stupid lie you posted.

President Obama has proven he can win re-election without a second term agenda merely by demonizing his opponent and appealing to voters' fears instead of their hopes, dreams and aspirations.
The man who promised to end the bitter divisions and small mindedness of American politics, which he called a vindictive "blood sport," mounted a campaign of personal destruction of his own that ignored our nation's troubling economic, social and civil decline.
The post-election result is a crippled presidency without a public mandate or mission to tackle the immense issues that threaten to plunge an ever-weakening economy into a...