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Cruz, Walker, Jindhl, Carson, Perry....Im good with these five.
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Here We Go: Ted Cruz Revs 2016 Engine

Georock Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 3:14 PM
Maybe we need another "community agitator."
Shut up, sissy boy. We don't need you. Ted Cruz is the man. That's why they dont like him.
Abolish the Internal Revenue Service... Vote Ted Cruz for President !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People are waking up. Given the truth, people are conservative.
Yea, and let's define "right-wing"... shall we ? One who is law-abiding and loves to do what's right. We love Honor, Peace, Righteousness, and Fairness for all regardless of skin color. We love our country, the Constitution, and Freedom. We hate high taxes, big government, cheaters, and liars. We are: We the People !!! We will not let this country be destroyed. Oh, and I cannot speak for everyone....but I Love the Lord Jesus Christ and my Bible.
CRUZ is a Man's Man !!!!!!
Yeah...a small nuke would get the results we need.
Fear not...we will take it back. Obama and his ilk are too stupid to win the long run. Ted Cruz for President !!!!
He is a Fool !
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