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What If November Changes Nothing?

Georgia Boy 61 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 7:05 PM
Vietnamvet, re: "If the replacement can't do it right, we vote in another. As unsuitable Presidents come and go ... with no longevity ... it will become clear that any who aren't ready to fo it correctly 'need not apply'." Actually, if we had a parliamentary form of government, where a vote of no-confidence could topple an under-performer, an incompetent or ringer, maybe your proposal would work - but that's not what we have. We are stuck with dysfunctional, even malignant, leaders for four years at a pop - no returns, no refunds. We need a way to remove them. Impeachment isn't a realistic option in today's political climate...Congress is too-corrupt....
What if the principal parties' candidates for president really agree more than they disagree?

What if they both support the authority of the federal government to spy on Americans without search warrants? What if they both support confining foreigners, uncharged and untried, in Guantanamo Bay? What if they both believe the president can arrest without charge and confine without trial any American he hates or fears?

What if they both believe in secret courts -- kept away from the public and the press -- that can take away the rights of Americans? What if they both think...