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We Have a Problem -- A Real Problem

Georgia Boy 61 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 7:14 PM
Neal, your column is accurate and on the money - but unfortunately, too late to help keep Obama out of the White House. Where were you four years ago or for that matter, two or three years ago - when a few brave patriots were working tirelessly to prove that Obama was/is a fake and a fraud unconstitutionally qualified to hold office, and dangerously unstable emotionally and mentally? Keeping him out in the first place would have been the "easy way," dislodging him is not going to be easy - if it can be done at all.
JKinGA Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 9:51 PM
Are you kidding? Neal has led the charge on his radio show, exposing Obama as the far-left, conservative hating, race-baiting, ill-prepared empty-suit he is. Every weekday right up to the election, he brilliantly made the case against Obama's re-election.

Neal did his best to try to save this country from four more years of the left's "dear leader".

Many Thanks for years of great radio commentary Mr. Boortz! You will be missed! Have a great, well-deserved retirement!
Love of Liberty Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 8:56 PM
Neal has been on the radio for 42 years warning us about these politicians. And if you listened closely you would have heard him warn, years ago, about government plans to seize IRA's and 401K's to shore up Social Security (with a promise of a guaranteed annual payout). You wouldn't own your money any more and couldn't leave it to your heirs. Clinton suggested this too.Obama's people are looking into doing this too.
Problem is Republicans can't bring themselves to get groups like ACORN to pay people and bus them to the polls.

No .. I’m not talking about the fiscal cliff, nor am I talking about the almost $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities we face as a nation. Iran and a nuke? Yeah .. that’s serious all right, but I’m told that we are messin’ with Iran right now in ways that you couldn’t even imagine – ways that could derail their nuclear plans for some time to come. Is the real problem our sagging economy? An oncoming second recession? The growth of government dependency? Sure … all of those are problems and all are difficult to deal with … but they pale...