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Is Turkey Leaving the West

Georgia Boy 61 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 12:09 AM
Re: "Is Turkey Leaving the West?" Turkey has never been part of the west in the first place, Daniel - review your history and that fact will become evident. For a brief historical interval, from the fall of the Ottoman Empire to perhaps ten years ago, Turkey could have been considered a secular state with some western qualities - but that is not the same as being a part of the west. Turkey does not now and has never belonged to western civilization in the way that Greece does, or England or any number of other nations and peoples.

Recent steps taken by the Government of Turkey suggest it may be ready to ditch the NATO club of democracies for a Russian and Chinese gang of authoritarian states.

Here is the evidence:

Starting in 2007, Ankara applied three times unsuccessfully to join as a Guest Member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (or SCO, informally known as the Shanghai Five). Founded in 1996 by the Russian and Chinese governments, along with three (and in 2001 a fourth) former Soviet Central Asian states, the SCO has received minimal attention in the West, although it has grand security and other aspirations, including...