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Colin Powell Not So Keen on Obama This Time?

Georgia Boy 61 Wrote: May 23, 2012 6:29 PM
Colin Powell likes to bask in the glow of the braid and stars he once wore, but when the chips were down, he choose loyalty to his race over loyalty to his nation. In other words, he chose tribalism over protecting and defending the republic. He also publically planted a knife in the back of a man- George W. Bush - who had never uttered a single word against him in their many years together. That repayment of Bush's loyalty speaks volumes about who Powell really is. In truth, Powell is a mediocrity and always has been. His reputation, such as it is, has largely been "earned" by covering his butt and riding the coattails of others. Powell was nothing more than a petty bureaucrat, in uniform and out.

Back in 2008 just a month before the election, former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed then Senator Obama for President of the United States.


It's fair to say Powell was wrong about Obama, wrong about Obama's relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers, wrong about Palin, wrong about how Obama would handle the economy and wrong about how Obama would unite Americans.

So now, Powell isn't so sure he'll give Obama an endorsement this time around.

Pressed in a network interview to say whether...