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No, they only have a past.
Prager University is a right wing online university with no validity other than pandering to the Townhall base, so what would you expect from them? I think they even have a class in "How Ronald Reagan wrote the Constitution before he was even born."
Obamacare is killing jobs? Show us some data. The USPS pays people to sit and do nothing? Show us some data. and I mean DATA, not some opinion article from NewsMax, FoxNews, or Townhall.
You are right it has been mismanaged, but by Congress, not by the Postal Service itself.
Oh, by the way, the Postal Service is mandated by the Constitution of the United States, which is something you people act like you are experts about.
You morons can send your Christmas cards by UPS for something like a couple of dollars apiece. Go for it!
UPS and FedEx don't deliver on Saturday.
Democrats didn't fear tyranny by the government, just from the Bush administration and a fearful and reactionary Congress. Many conservatives as well as progressives opposed much of the Patriot Act, secret renditions, the rollback of privacy rights, etc. It comes down to what do people think "tyranny" means.
The chart is bogus because Social Security has not contributed to the national debt.
So, Obama believes it is a collective effort to preserve liberty, not just the right-wing churches, white gun nuts, and the Koch brothers? How unAmerican!
unlike GW Bush who was brought to you only by corporations.
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