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Passenger rail become unprofitable because the government subsidized highways and the petroleum industry after WWII. If the government helped build our automobile dependent society, why shouldn't they help rebuild the railroad system? The government subsidizes air travel heavily. Look it up.
Isn't John Galt that guy who built a railroad all by himself? He cut down the trees, graded the land, and laid the track... all by himself, with no help from anybody. He's like the Paul Bunyan of railroads!
The military is perpetually in debt, maybe it's time to dismantle the Pentagon.
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Keeping Teachers in the Classroom

Georgia Boy Wrote: Dec 30, 2013 6:38 PM
Yes, you can fire bad teachers, but you better have proof that they are "bad" and you better be able to find someone better to replace them, or you are just full of horse manure.
They would stand by Phil even if he had ranted about how much he hates Blacks and Jews. This isn't about religious expression, because Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality.
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Why December 25th?

Georgia Boy Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 8:21 AM
However, for much of the history of Protestantism, celebrating Christmas was frowned upon or banned outright.
My understanding is that a government shutdown is controlled by law, not finances.
The ACA will become established in American lives, it will work, people will like it, it is here to stay, it will be fine-tuned, and the Republicans and Townhall minions will have to move on to some new hysterical crisis to keep themselves ginned up.
Obama didn't split the country, the country split itself. He is guilty only of being black.
True the Vote is more of a voter supression organization than voting rights organization.
Yes, as in southern KKK Democrats. That was back when Republicans were moderate and not racist. Crazy how times change, isn't it?
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