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My understanding is that a government shutdown is controlled by law, not finances.
The ACA will become established in American lives, it will work, people will like it, it is here to stay, it will be fine-tuned, and the Republicans and Townhall minions will have to move on to some new hysterical crisis to keep themselves ginned up.
Obama didn't split the country, the country split itself. He is guilty only of being black.
True the Vote is more of a voter supression organization than voting rights organization.
Yes, as in southern KKK Democrats. That was back when Republicans were moderate and not racist. Crazy how times change, isn't it?
I believe you got your information from a viral email that has been proven to be untrue. The Republican Party would not exist without such rampant ignorance.
It is documented that where election fraud exists it is most often with absentee balloting, not with people showing up at a poll pretending to be somebody else. So, yes, Republican voter ID bills are EXACTLY about controlling who gets to vote because none of these ALEC written laws ever address the issue of fraud in absentee balloting.
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12 Unspoken Rules For Being A Liberal

Georgia Boy Wrote: Aug 31, 2013 3:12 AM
It's laughable when conservatives assume that liberalism follows the same ideological patterns as conservatism. Because conservatives are hyper-partisan and ideologically rigid, they believe that those with whom they disagree must also be.
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