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No, she is moderate. It's just that the Republicans have moved so far to the right and are being controlled by the fascist fringe that everybody else looks like a communist to them. You are out of step with the part of America that can actually think.
Explain to me how she ran a racist campaign. I thought so, you can't.
I think you have dementia. Try to get a grip on reality.
Why are the Koch brothers protected by the Right? By the way, union political contributions are not tax payer funded. You appear to have limited intelligence.
Yes, I am afraid my state is going to remain racist and Republican for a few more years.
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Choking Constitutional Liberty

Georgia Boy Wrote: Dec 21, 2014 10:31 AM
The author completely misrepresented the purpose of Operation Choke Point, but conservatives are too stupid to learn the facts on their on.
There is no god.
All conservative roads lead to increased wealth for the already wealthy.
Piketty believes in communism? Does he know that? have you told him?
Passenger rail become unprofitable because the government subsidized highways and the petroleum industry after WWII. If the government helped build our automobile dependent society, why shouldn't they help rebuild the railroad system? The government subsidizes air travel heavily. Look it up.
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