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Off topic...breaking... Three Sheriffs Deputies shot in Sacramento.
Citizens United is now settled law. Next, we need to outlaw contributions to political campaigns by public employee unions, which of course are made with taxpayer monies. Next, ban public employee unions altogether.
I have always had a thing for Sandra Bullock, Kirk. Not sure what it is, but...
Have you completely lost your mind, Smitty, or are you just drunk again?
The NYC Obola patient went bowling yesterday and the alley wasn't in Florida.
Bowling for Obola.
Fox White House corresondent Ed Henry to WH spokesman: "What about the hatchet attack by the Jihadi this afternoon on the NYPD officers?" Barry's spokesman: "What attack?" Amateur hour/clown show.
NYT sez New York doctoe is confirmed to have Obola... Fox reports hatchet attack on4 NYPD officers today was a self-radicalized Jihadist. Great job, Barry Soetoro.
You would claim that the election of McGovern, Carter, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry would have made "no difference"? Loon who has changed screen names 3 times in 3 weeks...Barakadict/Behold the Pale Horse/666 Pennsylvania. You would have preferred the election of the 5 Dimwits named? Yes, or no?
Absurd post embarrassing to rational conservatives by making crazy assertions which can be used by leftists to claim ALL conservatives are crazy. No evidence of "premeditated murder" exists against Holder. Stop posting insane charges and casting all conservatives as loons.
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