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How Abortion Has Changed America

RWM-UDave-TDave-CGhost-GBait-Buck-Doug-USMC-MickeyRVN-AmyD-Tuttle-Pistol-KPistol-HenryVIII Six months after Superstorm Sandy, tens of thousands of people remain homeless, looters target homes under repair, 2400 of 2800 homes in Breezy point remain unoccupied: BTW I am INCENSED at how Blithering Barry responded to Sandy. WHY were the buses not ready to transport folks out of DANGER? WHY wasn't FEMA there WAITING when Sandy made landfall? WHY were rivers allowed to flood? ALL of this shows how TRULY incompetent the Sail Eared Simpleton is! IMPEACH the President for the TERRIBLE way he handled Sandy! Sound Familiar?