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WHY do UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGLY Liberal Women CLAIM to need birth control when it is mounted on top of their neck?
What about Candy Cowface's war on donuts?
loisisugly is the poster girl for birth control.
Did anyone see Jesse Waters at the NOW convention? Looking at these "women" from the neck up is all the birth control they would EVER need:
Take it easy on the Liberal TRASH, tomorrow they will be mourning while decent, normal, people celebrate American Independence AND COTUS.
"Henry VIII Wrote: 1 minute ago (10:25 AM) pricefe Wrote:14 minutes ago (10:09 AM) compcon why don't you get up off your knees? This guy is a racist....on the Perry thread, he announced "he hates white people"..." IOW, he is niggardly with his affection for white people or am I just niggling?
Typical, Stupid, Liberal, TRASH, repeat the same, tired, talking points over and over and over and over and...
It happens EVERY June when the resorts hire summer help, JamesBlowhard.
Can you say "I'm Liberal TRASH!"
BFD, it happens EVERY June when the resorts hire summer help.
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