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WJF-HVIII-Dyadd If you are looking for the next Tea Party firebrand, let me introduce you to him, He took on the PA Republican Party and clean their clocks!!!:
My guy in Congress, Scott Perry (an Army vet), voted NO!!!
Someone needs to knit him a sweater vest with EXTRA long sleeves that meet in the back.
The Gutless Liberal TRASH saw the "War on Women" DIE during the midterms and they are trying FRANTICALLY to resuscitate it!!!
Prof Goober may have a point: “He black, he black, he black!” - "I gots me an Obama phone": "I won't have to pay my mortgage": "I gots 15 chilluns, SOMEBODY has to PAY!": "I gots some FREE MONEY from Da Obama Stash!":
Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT...TOOT!!! I TOLD you that sooner or later, the loony in the Paul bloodline would rise to the surface.
OK, Lurking Liberal TRASH!!!, in 3...2...1,"UNCLE TOM!", "RACIST!", "SELL-OUT!"
I beg to differ SLIGHTLY!!! The GOP invested in LADIES ala Mia Love and Jodi Ernst. Being a woman is a matter of biology, being a lady is a matter of CHOICE!!!
EVERYONE pass out the addresses of this TRASH!!! Julie Bosman 5620 N WAYNE AVE APT 2 CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204 COOK COUNTY Campbell Robertson 1113 N DUPRE ST NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119-3203 ORLEANS COUNTY
Boehner: "Obama Has Cemented His Legacy of Lawlessness." Are you going to do something about it or just CRY!!!
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