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Hey Heinrich (aka Ankle) Holder! WHAT demographic is only 12% of the population but commit nearly 40% of the murders? WHAT are the demographics for the areas that lead the nation in gun violence?
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the Liberal TRASH are ESCALATING their DEMAND for fascist policies?
The kind this Liberal Imbecile voted for TWICE!!!
Jayz certainly is niggardly with his love of WHITEY or am I just niggling?
Be careful or the Gaystapo will hit you with their purses.
All because he compared the Halfrican Queen to a train ape. No word on how much the trained ape demographic was offended by the comparison.
But WHAT will come of it?
But, but, but he is prototypical EEEEEEEEEEVIL accrding to Liberal TRASH!: 1. White. 2. Corporation. 3. The 1%.
Hey Liberal TRASH!!! More "tolerance" and "inclusiveness" from Liberal TRASH!!! Female Campus Reform reporter bullied at 'inclusive' feminist conference for being ‘conservative’": http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=5506&app=cro
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