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LADIES vote conservative. Being a LADY is matter of choice, being a WOMAN is a matter of biology.
What if he dropped naked pictures of MOOOOOOOOOchelle on them an they were struck blind by the horror? Would this be against the Geneva Convention?
Is POTUS mommy pants going to hit them with his purse?
It's no secret that Liberals are abject COWARDS!!!
As FAAAAAAAAAAAAAT as she is, she probably owns a mud wallow.
How long before you cave your father's skull in so you don't have to pay his entitlements?
News reports stated he was born in Shitcago (America Haters hotbed) and went to college in MN (Somali Terrorist hotbed). As I see it, whoever offed this piece of TRASH saved WE THE PEOPLE the expense of feeding, clothing and housing him in the Graybar Hotel.
Fairy Screed KNOWS that as long as he keeps the 'entitlements" flowing to the urban ghettos in NV, he can mail in his re-election.
OTOH, the IDF could've saves TONS of money. They could've tkaen one of MOOOOOOOOchelle's dresses, gotten it wet and rolled it in flour. Once it dried, a BIIIIIG and impenetrable shield would've existed.
Now IDF, fire 115 at once and END the Muzzi3 TRASH!!!
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