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Akin: Paul Ryan Called and Urged Me to Drop Out But This Isn't About Me

RWM-UDave-TDave-CGhost-GBait-Buck-Doug-USMC-MickeyRVN-AmyD-Tuttle-Pistol-KPistol-JWeber-EA LTG Boykin is a religious man and He has dedicate his life to have the right to speak out. Hope this guy gets heard. If not, dictatorship and Anarchy are here! Lt Gen Boykin was the commander of “Delta Force” and later commander of the US Army Special Operations Command. He is a true American hero. A Bone Chilling video-- PASS IT ON BEFORE IT IS BLOCKED You need to watch this and then forward to everyone you know. A video that will make you think seriously! This is bone chilling and 52% of the voters did this to us by electing Obama.

Except it is about you, Rep. Akin. Akin told NBC this morning that Paul Ryan called him yesterday and urged him to drop out of the Missouri Senate race. Akin is continuing his argument that his decision to stay in the race (the deadline to drop out was yesterday at 5 pm cst) that this isn't about him but about standing on principle. The problem is, the focus isn't on principle, it's on Akin's refusal to drop out like nearly the entire conservative movement and Republicans have asked.