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Dianne Feinstein Warns Harry Reid on Gun Control: Don't Betray My Trust

Georgetwin-In-Pa Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 9:31 AM
BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! The Tramp AGAIN shows her GENEROSITY by GIVING AWAY her STUPIDITY! "george washington Wrote: 3 minutes ago (9:25 AM) Alleytramp... Who are these people? Max Baucus...Jon Tester...Mark Begich...Heidi Heitkamp...Joe Manchin...Angus King. Do you know?" "AllisonWeighs325 Wrote: 1 minute ago (9:27 AM) Congressmen"

As previously reported, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won't bring Senator Dianne Feinstein's assault weapons ban legislation to the Senate floor as part of a larger gun control package but rather will give her an opportunity to offer it as an amendment. Why? Reid couldn't round up even 40 votes for the darn thing. Feinstein, who says this legislation is "very important to her," said on CNN yesterday that it will be a betrayal to her if Reid doesn't bring up the legislation for a vote. Apparently, Feinstein left a meeting with Reid yesterday confident a vote would be...