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WHY did Nasty Piglosi force James Clyburn out of his position in House Leadership? WHY did Clyburn and the CBC CAVE to Whitey! Does this make them Uncle Toms? WHY did WHITE Liberals vote to censure Charley Mongrel? Doesn't this make then racist?
If the DNC is the party that takes care of Blacks, WHY was Donna Brazile not promoted to Chair of the DNC when Tim Kaine stepped down? If the DNC is the party that takes care of Blacks, WHY was Dummy Whinerwoman selected and made DNC chair OVER Donna Brazile? WHY were the DNC TRYING to force Kendrick Meek OUT?: WHY did they try to force Alvin Greene OUT? :
Some questions to ponder: If blacks are NOT selling their votes for welfare checks and food stamps, WHY do they stay in substandard urban housing, send their children to substandard urban schools and live in urban neighborhoods rife with murder, drugs, rape and prostitution? WHY do 50% of Blacks and Hispanics read at or below the 5th grade reading level? WHY are blacks only 12% of the population but nearly 50% of the prison population? WHY are blacks only 12% of the population but commit nearly 40% of the murders? WHY are blacks only 12% of the population but 40% of Welfare Cases? WHERE do more murders occurs in DC? Northwest DC/Georgetown or the Urban Ghetto of Southeast DC/Anacostia?:
"TheyCallMeOutlaw Wrote: 2 minutes ago (12:14 PM) Poverty is the #1 motivator for robbery, burglary, drug crimes, etc." Then WHY do the Niggling, Niggardly, Nitwits rob OTHER Niggling, Niggardly, Nitwits in the SAME ghetto? BECAUSE they are STUPID! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!
"Buck O Wrote: 3 minutes ago (12:08 PM) I can just FEEL their tax base shrinking all the way up here." The property values in Parkton (I-83 between exit 33 and exit 27) are some of the highest in the state. 6 "For Sale" signs have sprouted in the area since Moron O'Malley raised taxes AGAIN!
"Buck O Wrote: 3 minutes ago (12:01 PM) GT, how appropriate was it that Ayanbadejo played for a team in MD?" MD is quickly becoming CA-east. The "For Sale" signs along the border are sprouting like dandelions.
"TheyCallMeOutlaw Wrote: 2 minutes ago (11:59 AM) I hope Allison is soon happily reunited with her little nephews." NOBODY mentioned her nephews until YOU did! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! FAAAAAAAT, ugly, drunk and STUPID is no way to go through life, TRAMP!
RWM-UDave-TDave-CGhost-GBait-Buck-Doug-USMC-MickeyRVN-AmyD-Tuttle-Pistol-KPistol-JWeber-EA BTW, did you see the Ravens released their peter puffer? The reason they gave was he vandalized his playbook. He had the corner of all the pages BENT OVER! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!
But WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before that, WHITEY invented AIDS, took it to the ghetto and FORCED Black Men to grab their ankles for each other. When AIDS didn't kill black people FAST ENOUGH, WHITEY invented crack, took it to the ghetto and FORCED poor black people to smoke it."
Typical Sermon by Jerkweed Jackson/Al Dullton/Reverend Wrong/Louis Farracoon and other BLT POS's that Blithering Barry listened to for 20 years and NEVER heard about the REAL reason for urban crime: "WHITEY is out to KILL Black People! LOOK at ALL the examples of WHITEY trying to do so. EEEEEEVIL WHITE Liquor Store Owners have DELIBERATELY put Liquor Stores in black neighborhoods with the intent to DESTROY Black Neighborhoods! George W. Bush DEMANDED that Elvis and Bigfoot fly the Black Helicopters to NOLA and DYNAMITE the levees. THEN they held guns on black people and ORDERED them to stay behind in NOLA and STEAL electronics.
Just be patient! Gays are "loving" each other to death. Lesbians can't reproduce. Liberal "women" abort at the drop of a hat and carry a hat with them. Blacks and Hispanics MURDER each other indiscriminately and get sentenced to prison regularly and Muslim Cowards blow themselves up on a regular basis. All in all, Liberalism is in its Death Throes. Even with Energetic "youngsters" like Lautenberg, Mr. Theresa Kerry-Heinz, Fairy Screed and Piglosi Galore leading it.
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