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I feel sorry for people who, by nature, are told by their body that they shouldn't pass on their genetics to the next generation. They are sadly being told genetically that they are a dead end.
The current policies are the liberal policies, and their new cry is, "common sense reform"? So, are they calling their current policies idiotic?
Obama continues to make parents lazier. Any child's success in public school should be touted as the parent of said child taking care of their responsibilities. Responsibility is a learned behavior, not genetically encoded. With little to no home support, a prototypical child will follow suit, and do nothing. If education is not revered in the home, then the child will act the same at school, by not taking care of their responsibilities, like schoolwork, homework, bringing learning materials from home (backpack) Studies have shown that California first five has had absolutely no improvement is student performance. This all comes at the cost of over a billion dollars a year.. Lazy parent's selling their child's soul.
Calling CA dem lawmakers retarded is a slap in the face to mentally challenged people.
obama's successes HA That's an oxymoron
California has become a third world country because of illegal immigration...............
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