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I would argue that it is the lack of moral fiber and not intelligence. I have met many smart criminals and politicians but also scummy people.
Consider for a moment John 12. Martha pours oil over Jesus and Judas objects, stating the oil could have been sold and given to the poor. Flash forward to 2008 when candidate Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber that he must surrender some of his money to help the person behind Joe. Of course, neither Judas nor Barack stuck their hands into their pockets. This is Liberalism at its finest. We can see how America has been cursed by a modern day version of the one who betrayed the Son of Man.
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Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism (Part 2)

George9 Wrote: Oct 20, 2013 9:09 PM
Thank you Michael for the example using Judas Iscariot. It is easy to understand, remember, and the taint of Judas should be attached to Marxism in our modern culture.
The focus is upon removing guns and not the mentally ill. Dr. Michael Savage said, "Liberalism is a mental disorder." Removing the mentally ill or those on the path to it would seriously drop Democratic voting numbers. So Fort Hood was a result of insufficient gun control on a military base, is that what the president means? Lt. Col Allan West said, "You can't successfully fight your enemy if you refuse to identify him." Palin / West for 2016!
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Obama Skips the Kennedy Tax Cuts

George9 Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 9:16 PM
I do not believe Barack Obama was a law professor. He was a guest lecturer - there is a picture of his teaching Clower-Piven circulating on the Internet.
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The Palin Doctrine

George9 Wrote: Jun 21, 2013 11:18 PM
Yes, but what about her "likability" factor? You know, the edited Katie Couric interview where Sarah flubbed a few lines - surely that would discredited her for life. Obama's flubbed lines and Jokin' Joe's inane comments, you ask? Well, they're democrats. They get a pass because, you know, they're for the people and, vicariously any way, the people are enjoying Mechele's many vacations.
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Economics vs. 'Need'

George9 Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 8:42 AM
The price of everything has increased due to Quantitative Easing. More money pumped into the system inflates the money supply. It is this pumping which also keeps interest rates down so the government can keep borrowing instead of paying its bills.
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Rob Bell's Recipe For Spiritual Disaster

George9 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 5:16 PM
As a hobby I read and edit compositions by teens. I have to laugh when a twelve year old says she is bi-sexual or a thirteen year old says he is gay. But I shouldn't laugh because this is the gay agenda inculcated in our youth which will influence our country's future. I understand the Clinton's flipping position based upon polling but Rev Bell? Does he think he an his gay promoting confederates are smarter that Jesus, the ancient prophets, and the Holy Spirit? Wow, to see such wise men now arise after thousands of years and billions of people. /sarc.
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President Barack "I Didn't Do It" Obama

George9 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 9:26 PM
As one who has a brother with the personality disorder of Narcissism, I believe Barack Obama has the same. It comes from being pampered, being fawned over, and never being held responsible for one's mistakes because others interjected themselves and removed the consequences. Read up on the subject and determine for yourself if it fits.
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The Right Way to Combat Gun Violence

George9 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 9:13 PM
The cheapest and most effective remedy is to encourage and relax the laws on Concealed Carry Weapons. Sure, background checks, but no real range requirement. Just a civilian drawing his weapon was enough for one shooter to stop killing in Klackamus and escape to shoot himself. The zombie's fantasy burst when he heard the sirens and saw the civilian.
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