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Axelrod on the Loose: Stumbles with Buffett Rule, 'Endorses' Romney on Fox News Sunday

George421 Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 1:23 PM
24.81 Trillion dollars which is an increase of 11 trillion. That would mean an annual GDP growth rate of somewhere around 10 % per year. Not possible. This government needs to cut spending to the tune of 4 billion dollars per day, or 1.4 Trillion dollars per year. Or they have to increase annual revenues by 1.4 trillion per year. This administration has a plan to do neither. No substance to these crazy claims by the administration. They are way over their heads.

On this morning's Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace posed some questions to Obama flak David Axelrod about the Buffett Rule, and unsurprisingly, Axelrod stumbled and stuttered through his answers. Watch:

Some highlights:

"I remember when $47 billion was a lot of money, it still is a lot of money."

Yeah, but when compared to our $15 trillion debt? Or the $6.4 trillion the president's budget adds to...