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Freedom of Association, Even For Augusta National

George4059 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 2:56 PM
i've got an 'equalizing' idea. To all the whining feminists in the mews media; Why don't all of you simply pool your money together and go buy the land, landscape it, build it up and creat your own exclusive 'Women's Only' Master's golf club? Go ahead...You spend the money, time, effort and trouble to create something of your own.. You won't. You only want to step in and demand an outcome without the effort that went into it. You didn't go to the expense, the risk, the hard work, the years of preparation and all that went into creating that golf course.. So if the members want to keep it as a '"Men's Only' golf club...that is their choice.. I say, Choice!. I'm sick & tired of those who don't put forth an effort but want the rewards.

Now that the 2012 Masters Tournament is over, the hounds of political correctness have stopped baying at Augusta National Golf Club over its membership policies. The gender-grievance industry is moving on, looking for a new target to harangue.

Yet as the Augusta National brouhaha recedes, there are some things I wonder about.

To begin with, why would a Republican candidate for president weigh in on an issue as insignificant as whether a private Georgia golf club offers membership to women?

No one was surprised that President Obama wanted the world to know he disapproves of Augusta National's policy. This is...