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It's the same old game, " Lie to the people for their own good..because the liberals are sooooo morally superior (in their own dellusional minds) that lying is justified. Voter fraud? Uh, what boter fraud? As long as you don't force the 'photo i.d. issue... ain't gonna be no voter fraud..if they don't get caught at it. Which begs the question, " How stupid & useless does somebody have to be ...that they cannot get a photo four years??? Accusations of racism? Are they that stupid?
Instead of 'air bags'..the new chevy cars need an automatic 'fire extinguisher' built into the dash? Yeah, your tax dollars saved this company. Yeah, your tax dollars sibsidized the volt. Yeah, your tax dollars kept the unions happy. Yeah, your tax dollars go to fight the fires.
I wish I knew exactly when Washington decided to declare war on the rest of us. When Rep. Phil Hare said he didn't care about the constitution... he only spoke openly about how far too many politicians think. They will pull any scam to get around that pesky Constitution & the bill of Rights. The liberals have been dancing with the courts for decades in order to violate our liberties 'from the bench' at the whim of some activist-judge-schmuck. One spoiled atheist brat at a football game doesn't want to pray...whine to the ACLdolts..and guess what? Nobody can pray. Welcome to the fascist-liberal culture. Spread the misery folks! The constitution is under assault.. and most Americans aren't concerned..until it's too late.
The only thing proven here with the Trayvon case is: 1. The news merdia are liars and hypocrites. NBC editted the audio 911 call to make it look like a racist attack. 2. The 'civil rights leaders' ( if you want to call the has-been scam artists such a thing) are going to make money on this situation. You can count on that. 3. The demonstrators are locked in to the story.. Facts & the truth will mean nothing. They have radicals who only want attention. Very few of them care anything about Trayvon..or any kind of justice. They smell blood and they are in a feeding frenzy.
Shooting a burglar in Chicago? The courts should give him a medal for valor! His bar had beend broken it to.. 4 to 6 times... So, where were the all-empowered police then? where was all this 'law & order'..then? the brain-dead liberals have got to stop playing games. they are dellusional if they think that citizens can be protected 24/7 by the police. As in this case, they arrive after a '911' call. They try to 'solve the crime'... After the fact. I have my 'carry' goes nicely with my 9MM semi'.
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