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Europe is right on the edge of an economic & social collapse. America wouldn't be far behind them. You can only print so much 'monopoly'money. Are we looking at the beginning of a 2nd Great Depression? If so, how will our enemies take advantage of such a disaster? Would Washington invoke martial law? Look at Greece & Spain. I can't imagine the riots that would break out in America. What happens when 45 million people on foodstamps no longer have that safety net? These are perilous times. Maybe we should stop laughing at the 'preppers'.
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Is Dodd-Frank Constitutional?

George4059 Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 11:42 AM
Dodd & Frank should be sharing a jail cell in the same Federal prison. That would be constitutional. Their sub Prime loan antics and secret deals combined with the 'supposed' Banking Oversite Committee cost this country trillions in bad debt and helped to wreck the economy.
"The political class in Washington".. The clowns who gave us decades of the Sub Prime loan SCAM, Tax-waste-spend-whine-tax & blame the rich- waste, bribe, economy-stimulate, coerce, lie, cheat, deceive, distort, manipulate and flat out defy the Constitution & the Bill of rights... That "political class in Washington". The idiots who said the Tea Party was nothing but racist malcontents who cling to guns and God. That 'class'? And NOW the NYT says they should take a closer look at Obama? It only took the morons four years of utter failure & betrayal to figure that one out?
The unemployment numbers are as bogus as the inflation numbers. I'm waiting for a whistle-blower to come forth and give us the real undoctored numbers for unemployment.. We all know it's really closer to 15 %. I'd also like to meet the con artist who decided to keep the cost of food & gasoline out of the inflation %'s... What a scam! Everybody knows the price of gasoline has rocketed to new heights..and the rising cost of food is noticable whenever you go shopping. Government numbers have been nothing but blatant fiction for years. I trust them as much as I trust the Federal Reserve.
I'd bet that you could shut down 75% of the government and nobody would notice. You could probably close about 50 agencies..and nobody would be affected. You could scrap the EPA, OSHA, Dept of energy, Nat .dept of Education, Nat endowment for the arts, Dept of commerce, Dept of the Interior, NLRB...and nobody except the whining MSM would even care. We'd all just keep going along as if nothing ever happened..You know why? Becasue we are adults and we don't need the gov't holding our hands when we cross the road. The Federal gov't is out of control..and over-rated.
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Christie the Prophet

George4059 Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 6:09 PM
Anytime "The Left was outraged"...you can bet that the truth was finally told by somebody. Gov Christie is absolutely right. When you have able-bodied people on lifelong welfare roles and nobody stops them...they are called freeloaders..period. If those people made bad choices and have no one to blame but themselves... they have to face consequences...that does not include living off of the taxes of other hard-working people. 'Welfare' should be a short term assistance..not multi-generational welfare parasites. The left will say that I'm heartless... My heart goes out to anybody who is struggling to survive in this economic meltdown.. not to those who abuse my tax dollars. Gov't is out of control..everywhere.
The 'mainstream news-romper room- whining socialists-shows are irrelevant to me. I don't trust the liberal TV news or most newspapers anymore. I try to confirm everything on my own. I tune in to the classic 'Pravda-wannabes' for a few seconds. I can't stomach them for longer then that. It's almost funny to watch them try to explain and endorse the recent disasters from Washington. I wonder if Matthews will get another tingle up his leg when obama loses in november?
It's about time! Jack Welch knew business. Why he ever picked Immelt to run GE is beyond me.
Recovery? Isn't that like the old joke, "Advance to the rear!" Face it..the liberal press are only stating the obvious so they can salvage some shred of credibility. It isn't working. The mainstream press & news media are liars, hypocrites and nothing but propaganda machines for the left. Period. Sometimes I'll tune in to watch a few seconds of either Matthews or Schultz..just to watch them go into convulsions, while trying to defend 'their guy' in Washington. It's like watching an old Abbott & Costello schtick...only without the humor.
The closest thing America has to a manned space program today...are old Star Trek reruns.. This is sickening. I was in the 1st grade when John glen orbitted the Earth in Mercury. i was about ten years ols when the Gemini program started. I was a teenager when Apollo was launched. Then years went by, after skylab and we got the Space Shuttles. now Obama has scrapped the manned space program..why? to save money? Are you kidding? The peripheral technologies that came out of the space program are beyond measure.. I guess teacher's unions and GSA parties have a higher priority then mere exploration and innovation.
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