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Piers Morgan Admits Assault Weapons Ban "Won't Solve Gun Crime Problem in America"

George3324 Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 9:27 AM
This gun control push was never about solving gun crime. It has always been about control. Everyone is concerned about the government getting our guns. What we need to be concerned about is why the government wants our guns. The problem is not so much the gun bans; the real problem is what the government is going to do to us after they think they have all our guns.

Last night during another "Guns in America" session hosted by Piers Morgan on CNN, the anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment host admitted a ban on semi-automatic rifles won't solve the "gun crime" problem in the United States.

"Reality though isn't it that this will not solve the gun crime problem in America. It's not going to stop mass shootings. What it is it seems to me is an imminently sensible reaction to the horrors of what happened in Sandy Hook and indeed in Aurora and  the other seven mass shootings in 2012," Morgan said.

Got that? A...