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A Free People, And A Resurgence Of Wisdom

George3324 Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 7:35 PM
We now live in a society in which our leadership is more concerned about breaking the seals of two liter coke bottles than they are about breaking the necks of infants who survive abortions. With such a mindset, we cannot expect to be able to have any rational conversations about economics. Furthermore, our problem is neither political nor economic. Our problem is spiritual. If the neck-breaking abortionist were practicing in New York City, he practice could continue unabated, just as long as he did not break any seals on two liter soda bottles.
MoreFreedom Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 3:21 PM
From a politicians' (or rent-seeking political contributors') point of view, It's better to distract taxpayers with things like large soda bans, so the government looting from taxpayers can continue.

“People call this the ‘new normal.’ Let me assure you there is nothing normal about this at all. It’s the new ‘abnormal,’ and it won’t last, because as free people we won’t stand for it…”

With those remarks, business magnate and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes drew thunderous applause from his audience.

It was October of 2012, about 2 weeks before our last presidential election. Forbes was speaking to a crowd of 10,000 in the comforts of a beautiful indoor sporting area (the “Idaho Center”). He was headlining yet another west-coast based “Power Up!” business and motivational seminar with Sarah Palin,...